Drop Poetry | “Restoration Over Reparation” | by Ahchwath Ty Battle

Restoration Over Reparation

by Ahchwath Ty Battle


Restore our aboriginal state of when we were the known great

Activate separation and abandon the cries of a slave reparation

Reverse the current papal bull so the Naga can be paid in full

Outlaw police brutality by acknowledging it is a present reality

Stop decrees of discovery for illegal search, find and recovery

Accept my righted sovereignty and reinstall all my free liberties

Burn dollars that are evil rooted; keep all the money you polluted

Put the jail cell keys in my hands and vacate my lotted Holy lands

Fix the whitewashed books that hide the true invading wight crooks

Preach the news that the Amerukhan Indians are the true Hebrews

Restoration Over Reparation

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