Drop Poetry | “Ameruca’s Hebrew Prophetess” | by Ahchwath Ty Battle

Ameruca’s Hebrew Prophetess

by Ahchwath Ty Battle


Ameruca is the scriptured Israel, the promise land spot marked the by the X and cross

Harriet Tubman is a true Hebrew Prophetess whose name was Ahchwa Araminta Ross

She, like Moses, saw the Niled Mississippi and she tirelessly lead her people across

During the Civil War she was known as the, now fabled, underground railroad boss

They traveled through merky swamps with gigantic trees covered with thick moss

They saw plants called Virginia silkweed, butterfly flower and wild milkweed floss

She lead hundreds from the South to North with no copper-colored Indian life loss

Harriett Tubman is one of the many biblical energies hisstory tends to try to gloss

Ameruca’s Hebrew Prophetess

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