Drop Poetry | “Legal Ease” | by Ahchwath Ty Battle

Legal Ease

by Ahchwath Ty Battle


Reparations are illegal per the currently approved US Constitution

Restitution and restoration are the logical and acceptable solutions

Laws don’t allow for slave debt to be erased or be permanently settled

Strawman characters are created for funds to be cleverly embezzled

Courts are fields where their encroachments are weighed and judged

Dockets are list where jury selections are biased, fixed and smudged

Amendments are attempts for foundational laws to appear changed

Juries are peer selected so verdicts are reached as was arranged

Lawyers are just pawns playing the queen’s chess game as esquires

Codes are encoded systems of words and symbols that spells require

Contracts are the branch of law that makes contractual observations

Treaties are signed to grant illegal issue of our lands as reservations

Invaders that are given certain rights in foreign land are denizens

Lawless strangers are assigned privileges and made corporate citizens

Legal Ease

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