Drop Poetry | “Civil Revolutionary War” | by AhchWath Ty Battle

Civil Revolutionary War

by Ahchwath Ty Battle


Independent thoughts of unity form in the state of the conscious mind

Suspend talk of another treaty being drafted and too unanimously signed

Default thinking keeps us in a place of being nice, comfortable and cozy

Revolt risings being shown in blind eyes that  see our death as red rozy

Silence chaotic and distorted frequencies that disturbs your shalawam

Violence breaks out in the cerebral cortex that unleashes the fire bombs

Quiet realms that are temporarily permanent  of a presently past existence

Riots tear through lies and crimes and gives no warnings to the resistance

Calm energies that enlightens the ether with a pure natural protective dome

Psalms empowered retaliation to expell those that are squatting in our home

Relaxing environment that promotes healing with vibrations that resonate

Battle axing books that hides days of when redemption minds detonate

Prester John mirrored sight with full circle and all seeing dragonfly eyes

Ghengis Khan attack with mud floods that cover cities and elevate lies

Peace seeking truthers are crystalized souls and are riding the third wave

Release the inner dragon to help send all evil wights to their awaited grave

Civil Revolutionary War

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