Drop Poetry | “Direct Line” | by Ahchwath Ty Battle

Direct Line

by Ahchwath Ty Battle


You had a direct line to your PWH, once upon a yapah time
You called his name and you didn’t need a nickel or a dime
You could talk one on one about whatever was on your mind
You knew the number by heart and could dial it if you were blind

Soon you forgot the toll free number and had to make collect calls
Using phones that are portable or hanging on the church walls
Now you have to borrow and carry pockets of the idols change
To talk to your maker now seems artificial and oddly strange

You have filled the line with static, noise and annoying interference
You have put rumble strips on the fine line that led to adherence
You inserted invaders, imposters and you created a road block
You have convoluted the conduit to reach your crystalized rock

Then you got new and had to add someone to make it a 3 way
You inserted a middle man and then you relied on them to pray
You distorted the connection and made it chaotic and unsteady
Remember go directly to HWH because the line stays open or ready

Direct Line

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