Drop Poetry | “Prisons For Profit” | by Ahchwath Ty Battle

Prisons for Profit

by Ahchwath Ty Battle

The prisons are privately owned and manned for real crooks and criminals to always profit
The decisions are made to keep them open with no plans to shut them down or to lawfully stop it

The fictitious dead persons created, with the living you, are known as certified citizen or your strawman
The vindictive wights drafted, reviewed and approve these injustices as the honored and trusted lawman

They can sue a state for not maintaining the agreed upon unimaginable and ridiculously unsustainable capacity
They do not use the system to rehabilitate the tribal prisoners of war but to destroy us with grand audacity

Their birth certificates incorporate your value into slyly penned false treaties used to hide your net worth
Berth dockets validate, control and deminish your cargo inventory and conceal your real wealth accounts girth

Courts of appeals, clowns, and jesters are casted to impose unwanted, unneeded and unsolicited opinions
Laws are walled to protect invaders that are illegally squatting in inhabited lands, seas and all dominions

Case dates time stamp you into the past plots of the conquerors reeled and scammed paper graves
Our cellmates are deceptively turned into the craftily bonded fourteenth amendment Jim Crow slaves

Prisons for Profit


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