Drop Poetry | “A Healthy Hussle” | by Ahchwath Ty Battle

“A Healthy Hussle”

by Ahchwath Ty Battle


Big ups to all promoting economic freedom and also healthy eatin
To the ones being crucified for saving lives and being called vegan

They pulled the plug to stop us from getting suited up and stay tipsey
They put a slug in the super veins to restrict the steady flow of Nipsey

Shots rang out, round the block, to slow and shut down “A Healthy Hussle”
Gunned down info on grains and a variety of herbs that heals the muscle

Shout out to martyrs pushing Dr Sebi’s diet to wholly stay on the ready
Tribal souls are Marathon trained on fruits and lots of fresh veggies

Rise up to all the AmeruKhans changing the laws in da ghetto/hood
Alert all Bloods and Crips to Peace Up cause it’s now all to the good

Observe those marked and slaughtered with the pure blood of the lamb
That are Xecuted and sacrificed for the life of the copper-colored fam

Hootie hoo to the Khans who got The Drop to motivate a lost Nation
Who receive a call to start businesses or to create a 432 radio station

Thank you to the motivators who help turn broke minds into the dollar
To the slain original Nagas, Rest in Ahab and Rise Up in our Eternal Power

“A Healthy Hussle”

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