Drop Poetry | “Outside Influence” | by Ahchwath Ty Battle

Outside Influence

by Ahchwath Ty Battle


The Irish gave us hops and liquor and made us happy drunks
The Greeks gave us homosexuals and made some men punks

The Spanish gave us Jesus and made us pagan converts
The French gave us kisses and made us comfy perverts

The Romans gave us Caesar and made our lands depraved
The Egyptians gave us magic and made us illusioned slaves

The Babylonians gave us revenge and made us all prided
The Europeans gave us maps that mark lands as divided

The Chinese gave us fake materials, hair, nails and food
The Arabs gave us attitude and made us unnaturally rude

The Moors gave us hell on earth and started the slave trade
The British gave us decrees that legalized their land raids

The Portaguese gave us blankets filled with a deadly disease
The Italians gave us mobsters and mass killing with ease

The Dutch gave us ship companies that are vessels for slaves
The Danish gave us raids in the Indies and mass Indian graves

Outside Influence

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