Ty Battle Poetry | 40 Classic Poems from the Greatest Drop Poet, Ahchwa Ty Bat Zan


With These Eyes, I…

I watched as an unknown beginning became proof of a prophetic ending

I saw the known imagined world give way to truths crafted for pretending

I watched as new flowers bloom and weeds get overlooked and dismissed

I saw a coiled snake fix his forked tongue and forget to declare his hiss

With These Eyes, I…

I watched the dragonfly get spellbound eons ago and are still confounded

I saw a winged dragon turn into a flightless serpent that is ever grounded

I watched as delightful days succumb to the relentless needs of the nights

I saw an armoured canopy forest surrender to the wretched will of wights

With These Eyes, I…

I watched as the structured laws became lawlessly tuned for the chaotic

I saw as written living words are burned by the artificial intelligent robotics

I watched as the straight narrow pathway of righteousness became a maze

I saw how the perfect mind was coveted and conquered with a forgetful haze

With These Eyes, I…

I watched as the wicked winter snuck in and got unusually comfy and cozy

I saw how ruddy color went from brown skin to cheeks that can turn rosey

I watched as firmament changed to spinning on a ball and not a domed circle

I saw as dark matter became hot illuminous ether to radiate a bright purple

With These Eyes, I…

I watched the fluffy puffs of snow fight to stay away, then come and go

I saw the sun’s rays shine on the ocean floor, but on the ceiling it’s a no show

I watched the sapphire sky give way to the cloudy smoke colored sheet

I saw the poison rain fall into the gutters and drains of the ghetto streets

With These Eyes, I…

I watched as green chlorophyll filled leaves die while hanging and trying

I saw the deceptive moonlight shine to guide the truth while low-key lying

I watched as harmless dreams got twisted and bewitched into nightmares

I saw as innocent curious eyes turned into housing entities without cares

With These Eyes, I…

I watched as man became dubious as they present distant lands as space

I saw as a Babylonian tower collapsed as Nimrod tried to exit this place

I watched as the great wall fell and boats docked to allow for inclusion

I saw how worlds were often discovered and loose their rights of seclusion

With These Eyes, I…

I watched as the future’s yesterday became the existence of a past tomorrow

I saw how tyme well spent became credit for generations to endlessly borrow

I watched ideas of a misplaced race morph into a legendary Prester myth

I saw as an Atlantean idol became a statue to Amaruca as a Francan gift

With These Eyes, I…

I watched as a flow of tears from a severed tree collect and form a river

I saw as the spirit of the greedy got changed into a soulful generous giver

I watched as dams and man-made maps gave reason to lands divided

I saw as the woke and aware manifest a healthy energy that is united

With These Eyes, I…


It’s All Nuklear

The Hebrew cosmology paints a Genesis earth creation as a perfectly executed plan
One that is designed and formed for people and not monkeys that evolved into hue-man

Politrikkks exists to keep us drugged, loopy, spacey and spinning on a Ball of Confusion
They keep us voting to show our allegiance to the protector who is funding their illusion

We are only presented with red or blue that always represent different but are the same
We get trapped into playing their diabolical game without knowing the rules or the name

The “All Systems Go” to seek and destroy all lands was given in The Doctrine of Discovery
Pharaoh permits them to boldly go where no man has gone before for a project Recovery

Old St. Nick’s son, Nixon forsaw Operation Christmas that streamed in A River of Lights
He led a party of astro-nots that gave us the fake Challenger and Enterprise space flights

We have muffed rocket take offs and never seen plasmatic moon landings as our proof
We have an admitted confession as the blue marble being photo shopped as a reel spoof

The space force for Trump was “impeached” with him to slow down or impede progress
There are stalled laws and the tall wall that are held up by a rouge Senate and Congress

They only study weather, meteors, comets, presters, and dragons in their Meteorology
They predict a cataclysm that will take place as Drakhan energy returns in their Astrology

Myriads of military expeditions and wars are fought because of the invasions of our stars
Species from the land of Venus are allies with other aliens such as Moors from Mars

Thoth changed a natural 432hz to a chaotic 440hz frequency and forgetful biblical curse
HWH’s domed creation is hijacked by the Psalms 83 pack of wolves to hide flat earth

Bomb and missile test sites are the Atolls, Nagasaki, Nevada, and the Atlantic craters
There are the explorers like Estabon, Hitler, Zeus, Colon, Nimrod, and all Apollo Invaders

In 1972, deceitful NASA concealed an ariel pic of an isolated world with possible suns
There are videos of high altitude balloon launches that stay level to a realmed horizon

We are deaffend from the thunderous sound of Thors hammer smacking the firmament
We wait for this missile’s return with rare footage deemed lost forever or permanent

Byrd’s High jump over The Great Wall landed himself in the middle of Operation Fishbowl
His relentless missions pushed truth of more earth ponds and/or Worlds Beyond the Poles

Little Amaruca is preserved by a “global” plan-et galactical confederational treaty
With ENDLESS funding, countless Virgin lands are encroached agreed upon freely

Unfrozen lakes, vegetation abound, cloaked indigenous people appear on ancient maps
There are tales of invisible barriers, high technology, and an advanced race as facts

Earthquakes forces lands to shapeshift as crusts and mantles crumble to land shakes
With fracking, earth cracking, irrigation, and systematic dams we change the landscapes

Misguided with a plethora of misleading information, and host of disoriented atlases,
We are lead astray when we use their GPS tracker instead of our magnetic compassess

They believe a new birth, Phoenix, is to rise or come out the ashes, making It All Nuklear
Drop Nation has 360 degree dragonfly, Levi prospective that gives us a whole Nu Clear

It’s All Nuklear


The DemonCrats

Their mascot, nicknamed The Jackass, is a foolish half-witted person, a mule or donkey
They create and enforce laws that allow for them to cage and lock us up like a monkey

They gave us systematic self destruction from the reprobate mind of wicked Jim Crow
Also FDR’s grand New Deal and Jackson’s Indian Removal Act in case you didn’t know

There was the European foreigners Kennedy, Carter, Clinton and the AfriCon Don Obama
They kept us chasing space, gave us same sex marriages, the KKK and birther drama

Blue DemonCrats fought against abolishing slavery and our equality during the civil war
Prisons for Profit and Planned Parenthood abortions are two things they pushed for

They threw us 3 strikes and hit us with Dr. King’s big clouded dream turned nightmare
In our ghettos they dropped drugs, crates of guns and vaccine bombs to show they care

They push ideals that lead to War on Drugs, Fighting “Terrorism” and the Prison Complex
They open borders for illegal immigration and for the transport of children to have sex

They fought for Lesbians, Bisexuals, Gays, Trannys and Queers to be considered equal
They have a yoke on the necks of us true aboriginal copper-color AmaruKhan people

The DemonCrats


Re-Publicans Party

This Grand Old Party of tax-collectors came stomping through in 1854
The red 3 star elephant kept us busy with many scandals and wars

There was Nixon’s Watergate, Deep Throat and the Smoking Gun
Harding had The Teapot Dome and Gerald Ford gave us The Pardon

Railroad workers went on strike and Teddy Roosevelt carried a Big Stick
Wall Street crashed down and The Great Depression stormed in quick

They had wire tapping, water boarding and Kissenger’s Emergency Act
They had chattel slavery but Lincoln’s 13th amendment abolished all that

They forged a hard money system by using us indigenous peoples gold
They inflated the prices with free silver and changed the currency of old

There was the Fall of Saigon that finally put an end the Vietnam War
The Fall of the Twin Towers is what George W Bush is ever known for

Regan acted his way into political scene as a DemonCrat turned Re-Publican
He would give us Medicare and praying in schools was His master plan

We read Daddy Bush’s lips as he stamped non-tax rhetoric into the mind
Eisenhower invaded Normandy and created NASA to keep us spinning blind

Truman’s Cold War funded Marshall’s Plan to rebuild across the water
Trump’s script is to build “The Wall” for order at our Amarucan-Moshican border

Re-Publicans Party


Puppy Love

We were shot through the heart with the poisoned arrow from the bow of cupid

These love masters pierce our souls with a frequency that keeps us drunk-stupid

We are courted by cynocephallus shepherd voyages chartered here to snoop us

We are policed with violence for a military state so the robot dogs can troop us

They woo us to death, lull us to sleep, and we all happily toast as they dupe us

We receive diseases like cancers, smallpox, measles, tuberculosis and their lupus

We are smitten by scientist who have sliced and spliced to graft and one group us

We are cozy with carnivorous chefs that dice us up, grill and meat gumbo soup us

We fall in lust with beasts and heathens who have tyme warped and double loop us

We are patrolled, caught and are dog pound bound as Georgetown Hoyas hoop us

Puppy Love


Still Khannected

Still Khannected although we are seperated by circumstances, land and tymes
We are bound by blood, hooked by heart, and mended by names and minds

Tribes merged in promise and are planted seeds of our incorruptible cedar tree
One that has many branches that are trunk and rooted for an everlasting unity

We are filled with the light of a trillion stars and we burn with ancestral Fires
We consist of a perfect blend of Carbon and Melanin that all survival requires

We are the Water wave of Love and Peace that the world never saw coming
We are the tears cried, answered prayers and the sound of wars drumming

We are the required Air that one perpetually needs to Breathe and to Exist
We are the wings that were sent here, to all the world, to guide and to uplift

We are of the soil, formed from all the known and unknown elements of Earth
We are of Tyme’s immemorial existence and have been here since Life’s birth

We are Etherically strong, battle tested and equipped with weapons of iron fist
We are the Wheat, we are the fight and we were created and are built for this

We are energetically entwined with each other and to all of our descendants
We are 432 tuned with those who walk with us and to those who have ascended

Still Khannected


We Were Here

We Were Here, in the beginning, are here, and always will be right here

We Were Here prospering, living well, in pure bliss, paradise and good cheer

We Were Here with mighty crystal trees and when the river waters ran clear

We Were Here when Columbo sent word for Isabella and Ferdinand to hear

We Were Here as tales of our ancient hidden world entered the greedy ear

We Were Here as they docked and decreed with dogs and poison spears

We Were Here as they went from temporary shelter to settling for years

We Were Here existing in peace before the invaders brought us their fear

We Were Here when the heathens brought us diseases and bloody tears

We Were Here when the head became the tail and went from front to rear

We Were Here before the lands were flooded with hogs, dark magic and beer

We Were Here and in tune with insects, fish, birds, lions, dragons and deer

We Were Here as they made all the so called “Indians” miraculously disappear

We Were Here when they made our Toltec and Mayan histories reappear

We Were Here


Who Let the Dogs Out?

In 1492, Ferdinand and Isabella “let the dogs out” on the AmaruKhans
These hairy, wight giants came to establish a fatally “friendly” bond

Beings with a body of a human and head of a dog are Cynocephalus
They are jackals and serpent foxes whose intensions are all callous

Cynos are statued as a Sphinx and appear in the Egyptian form Anubis
St. ChristOphir Columbo came sniffing about like the Shepherd Syphilis

They chartered and sailed the rough seas and the dangerous waters
They came to infect HWH’s copper-colored, true sons and daughters

Atlantian ships invaded all our shores guided by Estaban “da savior” Moor
These mutts brought their fear, ieosus, rats, swine, and war to our door

The hungry hounds came papal decreed to chase us aboriginals down
To kill or enslave us and take all our goods, from the roof to the ground

They found the remedy to reverse the curse in gold, silver and mercury
An herb called ‘assidios’ root could put an end these Canaanite’s story

The Argonauts waged war against these real hybrid creatures, do you know
These beings were annaled by Greece, India, China, King Arthur and Polo

Our ancestors were hunted down by these evil dog-headed explorers
We were dug up and eaten by reprobates and deplorable torturers

Cain, Sasquatch, Big Foot and The Werewolf all play very major parts of this
We were given these characters as stories, mysteries, allegories or myths

We were given a love story of a beauty and a huge, shaggy talking “beast”
We join Snoopy, the dog, at his table, for his annual Thanksgiving feast

These mercenaries are infecting us “Indians” with this canine-wolf disease
The cure sits in the bark of our tropic soiled AmeruKhan Guiacum trees

Who Let the Dogs Out?


Physics of the Creator

In “Our Part of the World” we see myths and fables as truths and facts
We see creation as a deliberate well thought out and unduplicatable act

Here resides the copper colored faces of the Amerucas the “wights” found
There is healthy 432 hz frequency tune for a pure healing harmonic sound

The Ah is the Aether that got it’s unknown beginning from a great spark
It is overstanding the big bang is describing the Word at the very start

Our Ba is on an immovable foundation and marked by the X or the Tau
It is a structure that houses the pure people and no hijacks are allowed

The Ga is a foot of the camel and imprints of the giant’s mighty steps
It is our walk through Eden in righteousness with our Torah and precepts

The Da to paradise is buried in a dammed network of Amazon waterfalls
It opens to trees of pomegranates, leaves of cannibosom and canyon walls

Ahmas Ha is a deep inhale that enflates the lungs with needed elated air
It is the motion and function of the Creator to show us that she does care

Abba’s Wa is the exhaled breath and is life’s
physical omnipresent sign
It is the unseen, invisible force that fills the body, atmosphere and mind

The Za or cutoff, reminds us to remember and tells our peace, Be Still!
It says in HWH’s commandments that our seventh day of rest is real

Here the crying rocks of Peru’s mountains speak of a timeless existence
Synchronized sine waves forge a powerful energy shield of resistance

Light consciousness awareness creates an orgon grid that cannot shatter
Drakhan fire, water, land, air, melanin and carbon all explain dark matter

The wisdom of Shekinah, our Momma, gives us ensight beyond ensight
The destructive and corrective function of the Mem helps us stay right

Physics of the Creator


A Prester John Investigation

Priest-Khan Prester John’s lands are ridden with folk tales and it’s forbidden histories
It is the source of copius crimes, truthful myths, cold cases and unsolved mysteries

Maps show Quivera, Cathay, Mexico, Cuba, China, and Asia are near the Straits of Anian
The three Indies zone contains the carribean islands and unknown or untold lands beyond

It is legendarily known as India Superior, Kara Khatai, Calalus, Eden and Lemeria too
It has lands called Lost cities of gold, HWH’s Paradise and the remnants of a sunken Moo

This mapped paradise was hidden from the known world, lost and vibing in a safe realm
A secluded and partitioned dimension with the Khan Prester John charged to the helm

There are copper-colored khans, nagas and young honorable Melchizedek order priests
There are amoured generals and numerous ruddy skin original and old righteous chiefs

Here are some fierce Khans like Hiawatha, Tecumseh, Oseola and Dragging Canoe,
David Soslan IV, Ezekiel, Jesse, Solomon, Joseph, Daniel, Jacob and Judah are a few

We have prophetesses, queens and mothers like our Miriam, Rebecca, Rachel and Sheba
Queen Tamar, Pocahontas, Khalifa and Ann are Israel’s first Hebrew Amerucan Divas

The town’s have historical castles, palaces, the forever fabled Floridian fountain of youth
Ancient biblical land names are found and archeological proof of old testament truth

There is Rome-Georgia, Dothan-Alabama, Gilead-North Carolina with tall colonial tales
Hebron-Kentucky, Memphis-Tennessee, Salem-Virginia, are on the Appalachian trails

Ancient cities where wise Toltecs, Mayans, Tainos, Arawaks, Caribs and Maroons dwell
Contains sites where Chickamunga, Creek, Cherokee, Iroquois, Caddo and Seminole fell

There are small tribes, large clans and great nations that must freely exist on thys land
There are broken arrows, broken hearts, broken promises and broken treaties in hand

The areas are masked with veins of jade, obsidian, metals, and pure honey and milk
It is abound with rare seasonings, delicious sweet spices and laced with expensive silk

There are powerful rivers like Mnt. Roraima’s Orinoco, and the Shabatical Sambatyon
There are walls of mountain ranges like the Santa Monica, Rockies, and Grand Canyon

There are wide causeways, waterways and rubber used in entertainment of tribal sports
There is a law system of judicial, executive, legislative branches and basketball courts

There is cultural art on the walls for display and also the secret and advance sciences
We are equipped with medicine men, mystic healers, fresh fruits and our crystal alliances

There is knowledge of geometry, astronomy, anatomy, and programmed weather makers
There is biology, alchemy, geography and a firm overstanding of our Framer and Shaper

Protected by staff yielding Magi, sorcerers, magicians and dedicated Templar Knight’s
A region of unspoken occult oaths, bloodline rights, and foolishly fiery futile family fights

It is rich with agriculture, has an established goverment, and stealthily trained militaries
It’s forests are plotted with carved pyramids and the volcanoes formed of massive trees

Mexican camels, Yudah lions, mammoth elephants, and Brazilian jaguars roam free
Phineas a flying dragon, Hawiku quetzals, and a Septamanian phoenix live in captivity

There is Parsival seeking the holy grail as lined within the epic poem’s medieval grip
The medicinal cures are coded in amerucas plants and masked in Voynich’s Manuscript

Here are Amerucans, Hebrews, Tartars, Mongols, and armies of nomadic Hordes
There is the famous mythical Excalibur and a lizardite Authurian dragon headed sword

There are conquerers, psalmed confederacy, intrusive doctrines and the pope papal bulls
Ship companies like The London and Royal African, get slave trade wages paid in full

A place where crooks like Coronado, Cortez, Charles V, Columbo and Christ evily invaded
A vast kingdom that venomous snakes like Rome, Greece, Egypt, and Babylon raided

Lands are ravished by Yelu Deshi, Togrul, Esau, Salmanazar, and Georgi Khan attacks
Times are shifted by Ivan the terrible, Thoth, Estaban da Moor and the Mendoza hijacks

They used witchcraft, manifest destiny, and a harsh Atlantean chaotic 440 frequency
They administered a new tune, a new test, false gods and idols to worship frequently

With residents like Hohokam’s Quetzalcoatl, and the annointed David Ben Anon prides
There are priestly codes written by the pen of the 12th century Moses Anan Maimonides

There are commandments, laws, and 432 hz that tunes our spiral nine ancient love song
We will exists in cleanliness, peace, harmony and we have been in our lands forever long

A Prester John Investigation


Religiously Speaking

Catholics follow Zeus/Isus/Jesus and are the crazy, pork infested Constantine conquerers
They help elevate the church over HWH and are the reprobate and evil “wight” monsters

Christians follow the trinity of Christendom and are a confused collective consciousness
They promote false doctrines, prophets and and are encroaching on the autochthonous

Muslims follow Mohamed faithfully and are historys first known mass human enslavers
They are Esau’s lawbreaking misfits, a band of thieves and well organized misbehavers

Moors follow Allah, teach secret sciences and are encoded to be war torn invaders
They are pirates of the seas, sex traffickers, religious allies, foes, and loyal slave traders

Buddhist follow Buddha, syncretized ideals, enlightens, and teach nirvana and rebirth
They interpret philosophies that will send you on a journey that elevates you off earth

Hindoos follow Vedic traditions, the stars, and use ceremoniously sacred text and fire
They perform yoga and repetitive mantra chants for manifestating things they desire

Africans follow spirits, call on demons and are the modernly created new age mytics
They are voodoo masters that sacrifice for blood to perform rituals that are truly sidistic

Egyptians follow Horus, the sun, pray to the dead and are Thoth’s 440hz energy invokers
They are the offsprings of Osiris and Isis’s sick majical copulation and are Ham jokers

Hebrews praise HWH, are law givers, shabat keepers and the “OM”- Organite Meditators
They are the Framer and Shaper’s creation and are peaceful and righteous mediators

Religiously Speaking


Is the Pen is Mightier than the Sword?

The pen has the power to make you see blindly and erases the crimes of the swords
It can have you believe there is more than one Creator and invents low vibration lords

It helped to create phantom and duplicate outcomes and it made the timeline twisted
It can prevent you from seeing clearly and makes one believe that you never existed

The pen holds the ink that makes you think you are a lost and ever forgotten people
It has convinced you there are some greater than you and you were and are the evil

It masks the thief’s bloody jealousy rage and helps hide the foes sick and usurping plan
It makes you think you evolved from knuckle dragging monkeys to the now upright man

The pen permits the poet to manifest the destiny of an entire advanced civilization
It is partnered up with the robbers of lands, resources, and a lineage of a great nation

It is the color on the blank slate that stains fiction into permanent and faulty fake facts
It is the key to doors of illusions, windows of wonders and to scores of musical war acts

The pen promotes the empty sheet of paper to full of words for a popes papal documents
It helps uplift the invaders and bury the first and true copper color Amarucan occupants

It is the precepts to the confederacy that formed to go against a natural original seed
It is the cloak and the dagger paired to hide and kill a select pure and aboriginal breed

The pen steers the reprobate captain’s slave ships that transports you to another place
It seals the Papalcy’s decrees that mandate that you mythically vanish without any trace

It is the dot of the blackened eye and the noose and nailed cross on the Joshua Tree
It is the 440 tuned bow that shot the deadly arrow that targets the 432 hz in you and me

The pen assists the crooks who delivers lies and mass deception into our strong mind
It is the accomplice to the historians who script words that keeps us loving mankind

It lets you adopt foreign cultures, concepts and the unatural laws of other race’s lands
It allows the spells to be cast that conceals the truth that you are the ancient and grand

Is the Pen is Mightier than the Sword?


Considering Sources

Our Holy text the whole Tanak, the Book of Mormon, and the Mayan Quiches sacred Popul Vuh connect our history’s missing links
The Annals of Cakchiquel and the Mexican Nacal tablets opens our current minds to our ancient thoughts to answer how did we think

Eric Dublay gives The Flat Earth Conspiracy and F Amadeo Giannini keeps the stars and lands connected in Worlds Beyond the Poles
While Richard Byrd executes his High Jump in Operation Fishbowl and WM Carpenter gives us 100 Proofs that The Earth is Not a Globe

Robert Knox in his book Races of Men and Keagan Brewer both tells of the Legend of Prester John and it’s Legendary Sources
Toby Lester continues the search in the Fourth Part of the World and Seafarers who searched for 500 years and prestige college courses

Anatoly Fomenko helps break through the challenges of chronology and explains the extended falsified and duplicate tyme lines
Pope Nicholas V’s 1452 Papal Bull, Manifest Destiny and Doctrine of Discovery allow for upsurping indigenous lands and all crimes

Ronald Sanders finds the Lost Tribes and Promised Land and David Stannard pens the tales of the concealed American Holocaust
Edward Castillo wrote Extermination Them!with accounts of atrocities endured, and the price of native sufferings paid by the gold rush cost

Benjamin Franklin’s observations of mankind in 1751 and Jack Forbes sources on the Africans and Native Americans being different races
JC Ridpath’s History of America and Cyclone Covey’s Calalus truths reveals A Roman Hebrew colony, in America, and their traces

James Adair meticulously detail The History of Amerucan Indians per the description, in Noah Webster’s dictionary, printed in the year 1828
The Forbidden Histories of America by Daniel Lowe leads to Robert Grishin’s book of The Medieval Empire of the Israelites up to date

Frank Aubrey describes a tymeless race smothered in the lofty clouds of Mt Roraima detailed in his The Devil’s Tree of Eldorado
The Trail of Tears, of the souls, of the Cities of Gold, are chartered and chaptered in the pages and excepts from the Expeditions of Coronado

James Churchward unearths an ancient civilization that is sunken in the midst of the Pacific ocean in The Lost Continent of Mu,
Mark Amaru Pinkham in his Return of the Serpents of Wisdom reads of grand Lemuria and how it was sank in an Atlantean war too

We visit The World Wide Web to sites like the Library of Congress for downloads, and we took the #surfthewave challenge In the Ether
We watch hard to find cartoons, thumb thru old comic books and view movies from the past and futuristic ones playing in a theater

Considering Sources


A Reel Story in Real Tyme

We enter the Matrix for a Total Recall of The Birth of a Nation from The Purge of the Black Panther til the conclusion of Ender’s Game. Thys Toy Story starts as we head Back to the Future to the weekend of Friday the 13th in an Orwellian 1984. During the Star Wars, the Gaurdians of the Galaxy distractedly left The Stategate open. The Frozen Nightwalker “wights” were able Enter the Dragon throneroom hidden in The Abbyss of Xanadu and reach their Final Destination in A Journey to Center of the Earth. This started the Apocalypto tymes of the east’s Wild Wild West, which was headed by a copper colored Captain Ameruca, during the Invasions of the Body Snatchers. In thys “Whole New World” the Aliens embarked on The Hunt for Red October, Prester Khans, dragons, a fountain of youth, cloaks and old kingdom’s castle ruins. They will endlessly seek the Cities of Gold, ancient people, spices, milk and honey and The Garden of Eden of Cathay. Also, on thys day, A Golden Child was born in A Paradise Lost in a volcanic vortex valley existing in tyme’s Oblivion. As the “Truman” learns How to Train a Dragon and Crystal Essentials from the Avengers, the Lord of the Rings are searching for the National Treasures of Indiana Jones before Genghis Khan’s Tomb Raiders find them. While, elsewhere in this realm, The Pirates of the Caribbean are relentless in their honor to the Rocky oath of Apollo Creed, Apollo’s greed. Off somewhere on the Atlantean island, in the far distant desert land of Nod, Aladdin spent many cold Arabian Nights fighting the Prince of Egypt. The ThunderCats battle MumRa to prevent the Return of The Mummies and Overlord of the Underworld. Shekinah peering through The Looking Glass sees The Keepers of The Dark Crystals as they Race to Witch Mountain to devise a plan to form a stingy allegiance with the Sandlot dwelling Scorpion King who marries the Pharoah Cleopatra, Caesar’s Roman mother.

Meanwhile, on Saturday the 14th, in the Lemerian War Room, Superman and Wonder Woman plot against the tyrants of The Colony and wickeds of The Society. They take counsel with the genetically marked and developed X-Men. A Wrinkle in Tyme reveals a Space Jam during The Rush Hour that activated the Panic Room and The Final Countdown sequence. The Jedi vow to protect the Queen of Sheba, who sit on the Game of Thrones, and The Book of Eli that details Armageddon taking place on The Forgotten Groundhog’s Day. The Prometheus protocol, while In Battle Tyme, is to sink with Noah’s ark, the Titanic or Get Out of Babylon before you run Out of Tyme. Moana and Aquaman are tasked with Finding Nemo while Tarzan climbs Jacob’s Ladder to keep his Eyes Wide Open on Esau and his evolved revolutionary apes. Simba, the Lion King, in thys Jungle Book, fights mightily against the Amazonian Avatar infiltrators. The Vanilla Skies reveal the arrival of Hailey’s Comet and A Few Good Men of Asteroids, Toy Soldiers armoured in A Full Metal Jacket for the expected Inferno. As they made fiery/icy contact, it caused Deep Impact craters on the flats of thys pillared stationary earth. The Wizard of Oz and Harry Potter are in Kansas to protect the majical secrets of Alice in Wonderland, Wakanda forever. Anian’s Leviathan teams up with The Eldorado Phoenix and the Amarucan Nagas to find King Arthur’s sword and Free Phineas. The Transformers become Power Rangers and Aetheral Marvel-Us unified sine waves that create Hulk gamma level energy. As The Terminanator downloaded Sophia’s akashic records, through Eagle Eye, it caused a Short Circuit that ultimately destroyed the destructive D.C. DeceptiCons. As a “matter” of “fact”, The Black Storm that put our conscience in a Pitch Black state, in 2012, signified the prophetic return of The Last Dragon energy that caused The Pact of Men in Black to carry out their Lost memory attack in thys Never Ending Story.

A Reel Story in Real Tyme


Series of Theories

Water stays on a rotating sphere because of the crazy glue called gravity
Things come down because of density let us keep the reason hijack free

Everything in existence is systematically here due to a chaotic big bang
The created earth is stationary and does not have to spin, dart and or hang

Monkeys morphed into humans and spread to the vast world out of “Africa”
The copper colored races are aboriginals of the newly discovered “America”

Earth was tilted 33 degrees when Pangaea had it’s Babylonian break up
Flood waters rising and receding just may be answer for the map shake up

Centrifugal force is not a factor as masses move freely in any one direction
Lands are tree rooted, fixed, immovable and equipped with collision protection

Icy rocks burned in a vacuum atmosphere when the “big freeze” happened
Meteors and comets are transient entities that the ancients called dragons

Perception makes the Sun and Moon appear the same exact shape and size
The horizon is level from anywhere it meets your perfectly logical open eyes

Do as thou wilt, your free will allows you to remain lawless and live carefree
Follow the laws of HWH in Torah and exist righteously from now till eternity

Series of Theories


Wat You Talkin ‘Bout?

If you’re not talking of freedom, wat are you talking about and why
Are you talking how a professional athlete almost caught a pop fly

If you’re not discussing plans to receive our things and full restitution
Are you discussing Hellywood’s plans for the trans-gender revolution

If you’re not speaking on building our land up or starting our separation
Are you speaking on reeled te-lie-vision’s star’s cries and celebrations

If you’re not chatting about cultivating our land for our own free farming
Are you chatting about eating food you know to be unhealthy and harming

If you’re not telling facts of the true Amerucan Indians ancient souls rising
Are you telling tales of going to Mars a feat that would be reelly surprising

If you’re not whispering about quiet weapons for the current silent wars
Are you whispering about the fantasy games weekly posted final scores

If you’re not screaming for our resources and for our total restoration
Are you screaming for the winning team’s dreamed Disney vacation

If you’re not arguing for our jailed Prester Khan’s to be released
Are you arguing for voting for the politicians whose lies never cease

If you’re not hollering for our yapah heritage, history and reparations
Are you hollering for your favorite couple’s scripted fake staycations

If you’re not yelling from the rooftops about justice not being served
Are you yelling for NASA to keep lying about Earth being levelly curved

If you’re not preaching of seeking David and HWH, our Framer and Shaper
Are you preaching to keep hiding or dividing the whole of our true Maker

Wat You Talkin ‘Bout?


Israel’s Meshiac, David

Hosea 3:4-5 speaks of Israel remembering to seek two important things
First our breathe, HWH, and second David, Israel’s promised eternal King

David is described as being a ruddy, copper-colored brown skin Indian
He writes poetry formed of words of wisdom and plays the harp and violin

He is young and handsome and noted for being wise beyond his years
He reigned with compassion for his people, like he felt his Momma’s tears

He is admired for his ability to listen twice and to judge in righteousness
It is prophesy that King David will rise, rule and endlessly fight for us

He has an amulet and carries a pure gold and precious emerald scepter
He uses the songs of Psalms and prayers as seventy-three wight deflectors

He plays in the paradisical sun and bathes in a fabled fountain of youth
His kingdom is dome protected and projects a mirror of illuminated truth

His regal crown is jeweled and his cape is able of displaying invisibility
He possess a gene of sensitivity with a rare virtue of needed sensibility

David mounts a throne built of Ameruca’s rivers rare metals and gems
He is protected by dragons and knights on the walls that surround him

David rules the lands mapped as the three Indies near and far beyond
He may be revealed in the endless quest for the ever hunted Prester John

Israel’s Meshiac, David


Sheba and Solomon

California was ruled by Solomon’s Queen Sheba, she was better known as Queen Cali
She is shielded by Warriors, Kings, dragon wings, a volcanic ring all in a vortexed valley

A mapped island with fabled mermaids, treasured with jewels found in regal crowns
A place inhabited by original people skinned of hues and many shades of ruddy brown

She has mountainous trees and naturally molded canyons and rivers that never end
She has the underground crossroads where lands of Cali, Meshica and Toltexas blend

Born with the weight of Olmec heads on his young, copper-colored, Meshican shoulders
Deep in the heart of Toltexas, Solomon the Builder moved the Mayan temple boulders

Surrounded by Drakhans that protect the Rockwall of Jericho and maintain order
Where reds skin the cowboys and rangers track down enslaved runners for the border

TolTexas, where the lands are veined with oil and laced with mounds and cities of gold
Where interstate tunnels, massive caves, big trees, and history tell of biblical days of old

They reigned over the three Indies, justly, in a balanced and pure 432 Hertz frequency
They existed together in a powerful etheric energy with grace, love, honor and decency

Sheba and Solomon


AmeruKhan Problems

Ameruca’s visitors have become degenerate and morally corrupt
They are full of death, distractions and they are spiritually bankrupt
They are allied with foreign wights that come to destroy and disrupt
We have been encroached and this attack was recent and abrupt

We let the invaders come here, conquer us and run a muck
We know we are prisoners at war, but don’t seem to give a fuk
We are unprepared, disorganized, scattered and sitting ducks
We don’t rely on prayer instead we believe in having wishful luck

We have become dependent on entities we should not trust
We have been infiltrated with, power, greed, money and lust
We have to understand that for our peace, separation is a must
We have to know that we are the people of thys ancient dust

We have abandoned our Creator, laws and instilled our things
We have been disconnected from nature and all that it brings
We ignore the scented flowers, blue sky and birds that sing
We disregard the howl of the shofar and the war bells that ring

AmeruKhan Problems


Created Wars

The War on Drugs was created to turn our leaders into presumed thugs

The War on Terrorism is to give false credit to diefy dogs through heroism

The War on the Naga is to avoid the drakhan war and the prophesied saga

The War on Privacy allows for past accepted surety theft and security piracy

The War on Frequency was to stop us from breathing the ether frequently

The War on Energy keeps us always praying and paying the sum for sinnery

The War on Genders generates emotions to sue the natural sexes defenders

The War on Wars ensures unrest and secure the biblical battles forever more

The War on Peace fosters static so chaos seemingly rules and never cease

The War on HWH erases the path that leads The Lost Tribes back to our PWH

Created Wars


“A Healthy Hussle”

Big ups to all promoting economic freedom and also healthy eatin
To the ones being crucified for saving lives and being called vegan

They pulled the plug to stop us from getting suited up and stay tipsey
They put a slug in the super veins to restrict the steady flow of Nipsey

Shots rang out, round the block, to slow and shut down “A Healthy Hussle”
Gunned down info on grains and a variety of herbs that heals the muscle

Shout out to martyrs pushing Dr Sebi’s diet to wholly stay on the ready
Tribal souls are Marathon trained on fruits and lots of fresh veggies

Rise up to all the AmeruKhans changing the laws in da ghetto/hood
Alert all Bloods and Crips to Peace Up cause it’s now all to the good

Observe those marked and slaughtered with the pure blood of the lamb
That are Xecuted and sacrificed for the life of the copper-colored fam

Hootie hoo to the Khans who got The Drop to motivate a lost Nation
Who receive a call to start businesses or to create a 432 radio station

Thank you to the motivators who help turn broke minds into the dollar
To the slain original Nagas, Rest in Ahab and Rise Up in our Eternal Power

“A Healthy Hussle”



2019 clocks Freedom tyme which means No more created fears!
2019 Sparks rage to Rise and get motivated by our tears
2019 resonates a Frequency that is tuned to our Natural ears
2019 presents a Realm infused with added History and years
2019 brings the End to Slaughtering animals for wanted jeers
2019 Alerts those prepared to listen, Receive and to hear
2019 unleashes the Dragons, Prisoners and the flying spears
2019 travels a road to Salvation from which it will Never vere!


Outside Influence

The Irish gave us hops and liquor and made us happy drunks
The Greeks gave us homosexuals and made some men punks

The Spanish gave us Jesus and made us pagan converts
The French gave us kisses and made us comfy perverts

The Romans gave us Caesar and made our lands depraved
The Egyptians gave us magic and made us illusioned slaves

The Babylonians gave us revenge and made us all prided
The Europeans gave us maps that mark lands as divided

The Chinese gave us fake materials, hair, nails and food
The Arabs gave us attitude and made us unnaturally rude

The Moors gave us hell on earth and started the slave trade
The British gave us decrees that legalized their land raids

The Portaguese gave us blankets filled with a deadly disease
The Italians gave us mobsters and mass killing with ease

The Dutch gave us ship companies that are vessels for slaves
The Danish gave us raids in the Indies and mass Indian graves

Outside Influence


Prisons for Profit

The prisons are privately owned and manned for real crooks and criminals to always profit
The decisions are made to keep them open with no plans to shut them down or to lawfully stop it

The fictitious dead persons created, with the living you, are known as certified citizen or your strawman
The vindictive wights drafted, reviewed and approve these injustices as the honored and trusted lawman

They can sue a state for not maintaining the agreed upon unimaginable and ridiculously unsustainable capacity
They do not use the system to rehabilitate the tribal prisoners of war but to destroy us with grand audacity

Their birth certificates incorporate your value into slyly penned false treaties used to hide your net worth
Berth dockets validate, control and deminish your cargo inventory and conceal your real wealth accounts girth

Courts of appeals, clowns, and jesters are casted to impose unwanted, unneeded and unsolicited opinions
Laws are walled to protect invaders that are illegally squatting in inhabited lands, seas and all dominions

Case dates time stamp you into the past plots of the conquerors reeled and scammed paper graves
Our cellmates are deceptively turned into the craftily bonded fourteenth amendment Jim Crow slaves

Prisons for Profit


Direct Line

You had a direct line to your PWH, once upon a yapah time
You called his name and you didn’t need a nickel or a dime
You could talk one on one about whatever was on your mind
You knew the number by heart and could dial it if you were blind

Soon you forgot the toll free number and had to make collect calls
Using phones that are portable or hanging on the church walls
Now you have to borrow and carry pockets of the idols change
To talk to your maker now seems artificial and oddly strange

You have filled the line with static, noise and annoying interference
You have put rumble strips on the fine line that led to adherence
You inserted invaders, imposters and you created a road block
You have convoluted the conduit to reach your crystalized rock

Then you got new and had to add someone to make it a 3 way
You inserted a middle man and then you relied on them to pray
You distorted the connection and made it chaotic and unsteady
Remember go directly to HWH because the line stays open or ready

Direct Line


Ameruca’s Hebrew Prophetess

Ameruca is the scriptured Israel, the promise land spot marked the by the X and cross

Harriet Tubman is a true Hebrew Prophetess whose name was Ahchwa Araminta Ross

She, like Moses, saw the Niled Mississippi and she tirelessly lead her people across

During the Civil War she was known as the, now fabled, underground railroad boss

They traveled through merky swamps with gigantic trees covered with thick moss

They saw plants called Virginia silkweed, butterfly flower and wild milkweed floss

She lead hundreds from the South to North with no copper-colored Indian life loss

Harriett Tubman is one of the many biblical energies hisstory tends to try to gloss

Ameruca’s Hebrew Prophetess


The Zan Zone

The Zan Zone is your dojo to acknowledge and honor our shabat

It is a place to rest, so our commandments we will violate not

Remove your shoes as you are show respect to the sacred ground

Maintain cleanliness of the air, house, floor, and peaceful sound

It is where we prepare to connect with our Powah in The Zan Zone

No idle talk, no noise and no electronics and cancerous cellphones

Check our vibrations and only bring uplifting and positive energies

Enter with pure, clean, healthy and healing crystalized frequencies

Open our minds, empty our cups and fill with old testament truths

Listen, in the ether, to the music Isaac Ford carefully tuned to 432

It is so we can gather, congregate peacefully or we can study alone

It is to maintain our calm, our peace and our zen in The Zan Zone

It is our worship place that prompts us to say much Ahab and Thawadah

It is our sanctuary to remind us to give all our praise only to HWH

The Zan Zone



Our people are tied down and locked up in the invaders prisons system

The cells don’t contain the real criminals but houses indigenous victims

They turn the original inhabitants of this land into unfairly assumed convicts

They always turn wight motivated protests into racially charged conflicts

They use these disturbances to kill or to take the innocent to the nearby jail

Where they hold you for hours without your phone call or any hope for bail

They drop the gavel to hammer in your mind that there laws have no justice,

The sound resonates loud and clearly that there is no unity, there’s just us

Now the mistreated get housed in with a lot of prisoners and the warden

The ones who allow for shower beatings, and rapes up to water boarding

They are subjected to the insecure safety of the weaponed up bully guards

They control the mayhem that goes on both in the cells and in the courtyard

They use tribe members for assembly, clean up, all while getting cheap labor

They use the aboriginal force for their skills, talents and spiritual nature favor

They slave trade you to another plantation through the prisoner exchange

To help keep the number up and all prisons open as was unlawfully arranged



On Your Chiseled Walls

On your chiseled walls there is no evidence of any flaws and there are no proofs of written laws

On your chiseled walls I see only things that are only great and there are no signs of any form of mistakes

On your chiseled walls there is no admission of any errors and there is no telling of fears or of terrors

On your chiseled walls there are no signs of human sins and there is no kind of loss just assumed wins

On your chiseled walls there is absolutely no reported wrong and there is no exploited weak only strong

On your chiseled wall there are no foreign lands discovered and there is no lost people to be recovered

On your chiseled walls there is only harmony and no slavery and there is no uprisings to show bravery

On your chiseled walls there are no masters, whips, or chains and there is no record of the many slain

On your chiseled walls there is no word of a created beginning and there is no prep for a prophetic ending

On your chiseled walls there is no scripted guided direction and there is no Creator or spiritual protection

On Your Chiseled Walls




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