Drop Poetry | “Dragon Water” | by Templar Irvin Reed

by Templar Irvin Reed

What is it that you seek in the water?
Are you looking to worship a matyr?
Perhaps a stone that you can skip farther
Or like David, one that hit harder?

One man found a fish with money in it.
A "new" test! Look it up! Ciphas did it.
Twelve men found a stone; a representative
 Placed on the breast of Levitical men

When will you seek that primary water?
Are you hoping that time will longer?
Perhaps drought is when one is without it
Or like Pharoah, God just ain't about it.

One man found a flow that came to a stop.
An Old Test! Empty your cup! Pharoah got dropped!
Two men crossed the waters, swag on dry land.
Joshua, twice, with HaWaH at the helm.

Where do you seek original water?
Are you thinking yourself a sojourner?
Perhaps "finding" is the wrong perspective.
More reCONnaissance: the long objective.

One man found his mem and had it taken.
A hot mess, Elijah was shaken!
Few men will slice and dice for their lot and
Be mem by definition; see Gideon.

How is it that you seek for these waters?
Are you surfing the wave just for starters?
Yosef, Mahjig, Yehonatan, Aye Dee,
Kurimeo, the Battle family!

One man found that he could also do it:
Tecumseh be on like Nick be on it!
Squeeze in Zan Cooking with some Light Hour
Or Drop Poetry and the Prestor Hour!

Why is it that you seek for such waters?
Are you asking for Wisdom, your mother?
Perhaps you adore her or ignore her,
Either way, it is she who reMEMbers.

One man found that Wisdom always kept him,
Brotherless, Daniel taken from him.
Khannection? He's also one Nehemiah.
Perfection? Sinless, HaWaH inspired.

If only you would seek for pure waters!
Are you getting that it's of the Father?!
Perhaps wine and bread is mem and mana
Or pancakes and syrup like your grandma

No one found your priest king in this dang long!
No khantest! Five hundred years, the same song.
No spin, no fat, all skinny. #facz.
Be blessed, stay blessed. To the dojo! We back!

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