Drop Poetry | “In a System” | by Dgrapes

We in a system,
Designed and structured,
For you to listen,
Subconsciously attacked
Repetitively and persistent,
Inconsistent lies,
causing division,
Ill depicted
In the presence of a menace,
they say they Manifested,
through evolution,
pushed eugenics as the base of their resolutions,
Greed driven to put our tribes into dissolution,
i here reparation compensation,
but we need to seek restitution,
that is the best solution,
and the only one our earth needs protection, from this intrusion,
shit was gruesome,
but we still lived through it.
An grew stronger, I got a heart of stone from blood and tears shed scars and broken bones, now what you focused on, me it’s genealogy, Devine law , anthropology, social sciences, and Indian policies

All praises due to the creator of all creators framer and shaper of all
Halal HaWah

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