Drop Poetry | “Code Keepers” and “Damn!” | by Ahchwa Ty Battle

Code Keepers

by Ty Bat Zan

Codekeepers are keepers of the Shabat spoken of in HWH’s hand written code
We respect all natural forms life that resides in our earthly birthrighted abode

We dance to the majestic harp of Khan Dawid and melodic voice of Mariam
We pray for knowledge and overstanding to seek the embracement of Wisdom

We are the copper-colored hueman of Shem and Ameruca’s only true descendants
We are Rebekah, Bilhah, Zilpah, Leah and Jacob, or Israel’s, now revealed remanants

We adhere to all the required laws, statutes and HWH’s real nine commandments
We give honor to our framer and shaper because the law repeatedly demands it

We keep the code and give praise to our One and Only Creator and Eternal power
We stay prepared and on ready for the day of the hijacks fatal and their final hour

The continual observance of the shabat is our selected secret weapon of choice
We are in tune with the shofar horns and HWH’s unique but recognizable voice

We see clearly to tear down idols of our earthly forefathers and our foremothers
Our code protects us against all of our enemies and also our sisters and brothers

We are uncountable like the grains of the eastern Oriental and Terra Sancta sands
We are the guardians of all Solomon and Sheba’s mapped Holy Prester Khan lands

Drakhans protect the Antarctic “Ring of Ice” and calmly fan the Artic “Ring of Fire”
We are encircled by a “Ring of Water” and reside on a “Ring of Land” sitting higher

We are the enslaved “Jew”els, prisoners of war, the whole world knows as “Negro”
We are the True Hebrews, and HWH’S set aside original Aboriginal designed people

We Keep the Code because it breaks the chains that bounds us to this captivity
We Keep the Code because it will restore us back to a righteousness and tranquility

We are the cells, alarms, bells, and beepers that are alerting the Aether sleepers
We are the Zadok priests and priestesses that are encoded to be Codekeepers



by Ty Bat Zan

What if, I Am that I Am, pushed pause, put the world on hold or in a traffic jam? What if man reopened everything causing everyone to happily scram? What if the government covered up the redemptive plagues by giving us a COV-ID planned mandatory vaccine scam? What if they are administering the cocktail potion that may contain strands of HIV, Mercury, fetus cells, and swine, or the blood of man, Ham? What if the serum could contain DNA from animals such as the pig, monkey, wightie, dog, cat, horse, bird or ram? What if they overdose you cause they give everybody the same gram cause they treat us all like we the same Fam? What if they take a sugar placebo and force us to take the vile with the infection and spam? What if they are wiping out the “AmaruKhan Indians” as we are being injected as the modern day sacrificial lamb? Damn!


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