Drop Poetry | “A Fearless Nation Within” | by Fireball Mz Dee

A Fearless Nation Within

by Fireball Mz Dee


Oh what a YaPah Beautiful, Humble sight to behold, As the Remembering triggered

Activation of HaWah’s Khan-stant Watah flow.

Giving Respect and Honor to Our Framer and Shaper. Rejoicing for you

Unparalled Everlasting Breath, Magi-cally Encased in Moma

Wisdom Exquisite Minerals.

Bathe and Examined in Drakhan ether fire, Smokeless Shards inprinting our

Hearts with your Laws. Ancient Voices singing

Keep The Code for Life, Strive to Live Right, Dodge all hijacks of Choas and

Confussion, International globalist Sponsored unrest,

Circulating through my chest.

Praising the Creator, Staying sign Observent, Meditation on Our

Restoration because we are truly deserving. Copper Races grown from

Khan-crete, watered by Primary MeM. In the mist of

Unrightousness, you always save a few Nations, Tribes, Our

Forefathers that followed after you.

Placing peace of Mind, with a Loving heart. Upholding your Comands so Fear Departs,

No time to cause Disappear, grief, or Agony.

ThaWaDah HaWah for your Transitioning , Dragonfly prespective we see the

House of confederacy crumbling. Unfolding

World wide to remind them of your Glory. Shining your Light on your truth,

Zion, Israel, Jerusalem, 3 indies, and Antartica too all belongs to you.

Just Qumming Rising with my Naga’s,

because we Already have the victory, Crying out to our Only Salvation.

Unseen angels Roars echoing Loudly in agreement,

9 octive above heavenly Frequency. Prayers heard on high, recognizing

Reestablishing the Covenant, seeking out HaWah, Queens of

The Oath, Wisdom, King David, peeping our Dragon too.

800 plus years of genocidal rage, thift of Identity and Land, Greed, recycle Notions.

We Stand Tall and fearless, Knowing with Assurity, your word

Written in stone and Spoken before your Throne. Coming to fuwishon,

As the days roll on. Restoring the Blessing of Old.

Renewing minds once Concider gone, Cleansing eyes, unplugging ears which

Has been closed to long. Opening hearts that was bound and

Chained against you, your people, ourselves.

A Pecular Treasure Strong and Fearless of HaWah, Adhearing to Wisdomcallls,

Calling your children back home from afar. Gathering

Together rejoicing singing, Glory Glory to and the Power of Abraham, Issac, Jacob

The Holy One of Israel have Redeemed thee, in the same place

Where it was spoken your no children of mine now flee, Overjoyed you remembered, repented and came back to me. Now I will repay them for their deeds,

Oppressing my seed, carving raping the land, disobedance was their access key

Sacred Stolen books they read, Stay-N-Zanny in sweet Mystery,

Is a must to defeat jittery history.

A Fearless Nation Within

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