Drop Poetry | “Waking Sleeping Giants” | by Ahchwa Ty Battle

Waking Sleeping Giants

We have slept long enough, it is now tyme for all of the natural world to wake

There are boots on the ground and ‘bombs in air’ causing all the earthquakes

We are updated by foreigners that hide the truth within the facts of fake news

The emergency use of an experimental vaccine will cause the real snooze

Things are aligning all about us to awake all the sleeping Drakhans and Giants

The ones like Nimrod, Gilgamesh, Osiris and the other code breaking defiants

Aliens like Big Brother, Big Tech and Big Pharma all opened the Bill-ion-aire Gates

Land takedowns, treaties, and thefts are hidden by maps and out of place dates

They are inviting and inciting violence, mayhem, corruption, destruction and riots

They have misled us on how to heal, aquire and maintain health and wealthy diets

Operation warp speed is to cause a mass suicide as we allow them to inoculate

We willfully assist in our own genocide as they freely conquer and exterminate

Guilty of high treason, child and sex trafficking, enslavery, and inhumane crimes

We have been infiltrated by a devious, reprobate, disastrously treacherous minds

They dangerously keep us face masked up so we can not see how they operate

They have the nuclear control of the buttons they will push and not even hesitate

They detonated a quiet chaotic frequency that has all the missile towers pinging

They resonated a silent tone that gladly keeps the war bells clanging and ringing

The digital and analog clock are both ticking to the drummed rythm of tick tock

Minds are nonstop controlled on medias like T.V., Facebook, Twitter, and a Tic Toc

They have turned their political democracy into a world wide webbed debauchery

We have been hoaxed, joked and made into a Ringling Brother’s circus mockery

They stand firm on the rubbled ruins of the fallen ideals of a promised republic

We have been encroached upon by an entity that is consciously dead and loveless

They conclude sessions, reconvene parties and take vacations all while we toil

They have fertilized our dirt with poison as they spoil and violate our home and soil

They have woven us in the fabrics of their desires to quench an insatiable wight greed

They tried to weed out an ancient extraordinary and regenerating breed of a seed

We are infected and injected with companies like Pfizer, Astra Zenca and Moderna

Approved by whom? WHO, a pope, rouge doctors and scientists? The nerve huh?

They are performing back alley, life-changing, and scary gender altering surgeries

They are in the church room, the classrooms and courtrooms committing purgeries

They perpetually tried to extinguish our light, sight, and our encoded dragon eyes fight

They have intergalactic confederate meetings to plot to steal our lotted birthright

They use aerosol gel, contaminated water, and laser super heated fire as weapons

Emotions are used as division to cause derision as our quality of life they threaten

Our Ahma says we are to deeply inhale and our Abba says to forcefully let go, exhale

Remember to breathe your breath, always keep the code and we will always prevail

We are guarded by HaWa and instructed to Keep the Code and not to fear Anything

To Rise Up, Steady our hearts and energy and to put the Most High Over Everything!

Waking Sleeping Giants

by Ty Bat Zan

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